Losing weight is on so many people’s to-do lists, but we often need a nudge to get us started. Most of us know the basics – burn more calories than you eat – but then we are faced with so much complicated diet advice everywhere we look, and it can get confusing. Are carbs good or bad? Do I need to drink my weight in water? Does it have to be so complicated? That’s where the Modere Lean Body System comes in.

The Modere Lean Body System is a 3-step system that concentrates less on the scale and more on your fat-to-muscle ratio. These products, along with some lifestyle changes, are meant to help you reduce your body fat and make it easier to build lean muscle.

Modere Lean Body System

1) Activate

The first step to the Modere Lean Body System is the Activate stick. This powder is formulated to give your body a gentle cleanse. Mix one conveniently measured stick pack with 8 ounces of water. Do this for 3 days in a row once a month. Modere recommends doing the cleanses in the evening so the effects do not interfere with your daily routines. Activate is a plant-based body cleanse that is formulated to remove toxins from your system.

2) Burn

The second part to Modere’s Lean Body System is called Burn. This thermogenic metabolism stimulant is meant to increase the rate at which you burn calories. It is also said to improve energy levels. Swallow a Burn capsule 3 times a day with a lot of water and always take it with food.

3) Trim

The third product in Modere’s Lean Body System is called Trim. Trim contains CLA and a patented liquid collagen product. Together, they are meant to improve muscle tone, improve metabolism, support joint health, and contribute to more youthful looking skin. Add 1 tablespoon to your morning smoothie, coffee, or however you like to take it. Trim comes in chocolate, coconut lime, vanilla, and lemon flavors, all of which are delicious and satisfying.

Lifestyle Changes

In order to make the Modere Lean Body System even more effective, the company suggest that users should pick 3 healthy habits to add to their daily routine. They suggest choosing 3 out of the following 5 options:

• Drink 5 glasses of water a day

• Avoid drinking any sugary drinks

• Walk at least 7,500 steps a day

• Avoid eating fried foods

• Eliminate white flour, rice, and sugar completely from your diet.

Diet and Exercise

The Modere Lean Body System also comes with a simple nutrition plan to help you track your food as well as a workout plan. Both are laid out simply and make sense. The nutrition plan tracks vegetables, proteins, fruits, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. The workout plan uses a series of cardio, strength, recovery, circuit, and core exercises. They recommend working out 25-30 minutes a day for 5 days a week.

For a lot of people, losing weight is about being healthy and feeling comfortable in our bodies. Modere Lean Body Systems helps users to achieve their health goals in a straightforward and effective way. Click here for more details.