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Aloe Vera and its Benefits

Aloe Vera and its Benefits

Aloe Vera is a natural, yet popular medicinal plant that has been around 6000 years already. The medicinal usage and benefits of this plant have been traced in Egypt. In fact, it was once known as the “plant of immorality.”

Throughout the years, active components and properties of aloe vera, as tested in clinical studies, proved that this plant has various benefits for the body and skin, as well.

Modere’s Aloe Vera Line

Modere’s Aloe Vera Line

The Modere Aloe Vera Line includes two products, the Aloe Vera and the Soothing Lotion. The Modere Aloe Vera is a supplement specially formulated for good digestion, healthy cellular functioning, and cleansing of the intestinal tract. Ingredients of the Modere Aloe Vera are not just limited to premium-quality aloe vera but also include naturally-occurring electrolytes that support cellular function, natural honey for digestive regularity, and natural pear juice for energy production, as well as immune function.

The content in Modere’s Aloe Vera also consists of aloe vera gel and aloe vera polysaccharides that focus on intestinal tract cleansing and gastrointestinal health. To start taking Modere Aloe Vera, shake well before use and take 1 to 2 fl oz or 30 to 60 mL daily. 


The Modere Soothing Lotion is another of Modere’s Aloe Vera Line that provides moisturizing relief for those with sunburn or dry skin. This product is formulated with 7 calming botanical extracts, aside from aloe vera, to ensure resiliently, soothed and calmed skin.

The Modere Soothing Lotion is best applied to sun-exposed areas or on over-dry skin during the cold weather. It acts as a barrier between the skin’s surface and stressors in the environment. This product may also be used as after-sun skincare.

To start using the Modere Soothing Lotion, apply to the sensitive or dry part of the skin. Thereafter, rub until the lotion is completely absolved


Modere’s Aloe Vera Line obtained positive reviews from various users. 

Users have tried adding Modere Aloe Vera to a smoothie or simply drinking it as prescribed. They definitely experienced improvements in digestive issues. Most of all, users loved the taste, saying “it tastes awesome, just like a juice drink.”

As for the Modere Soothing Lotion, users love its great scent, “light” feeling, soothing, cooling and moisturizing features. They witnessed how the product makes the skin “silky and smooth,” with a user saying that “it goes a long way, works very well in the cold, especially in the winter.” 

SmartShip Price Savings

SmartShip Price Savings

Whether you purchase a Modere Aloe Vera or a Modere Soothing Lotion using SmartShip, you can enjoy lower prices or possibly unlock up to 30% savings for a limited time! Visit Modere’s website today to find more about these promos!

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