Modere M3 Body System Review

The Modere M3 Body System is a weight loss program provided by a company known as Modere. It claims to be effective in helping people lose up to 2 pounds per week.

This program centers around three nutrition supplements: Burn, Sustain, and Sync. People who purchase the Modere M3 Body System will take these supplements daily, make slight lifestyle changes, and adhere to a Mediterranean diet.

The required lifestyle changes include at least three of the following:

  • Cut out all sugary drinks
  • Cut out all foods with refined flour and sugar
  • Cut out all fried foods
  • Drink 60 ounces of water per day
  • Walk 7,500 steps per day

This allows a bit more freedom than other diets. The option to choose which lifestyle changes to incorporate makes the M3 System less intimidating than other diet plans.

One unique trait about this program is that it is very sustainable. Unlike diets such as Keto or Paleo, the M3 Body System will not require any drastic changes. It does not exclude any food groups altogether. As a result, it is easier to continue healthy eating habits even after reaching their goal weight and keep the extra pounds off.

The success of the Modere M3 Body System is shown from the many people who have lost significant weight after taking part in this diet plan.

What is not entirely certain, however, is how much of a role the M3 supplements play in this observed weight loss. To gain a better understanding of their purposes and effectiveness, we’ve taken a closer look at these three products.


Modere Burn is one of the three vitamin supplements that come with the M3 Body System program. According to their product page, it’s a “science-based thermogenic”. All of its ingredients are derived from plants, some of which can allegedly burn fat.

Burn comes in the form of a capsule. You are intended to take the first dose in the morning, but you can take it up to three times per day if necessary. Just make sure it is no less than 3 hours after the previous dose.

As a result, you should have a higher metabolic rate and higher energy throughout the day.

There is 60 mg of caffeine per dose, with a total of 180 mg per day. This high dose of caffeine is how Burn gives you a boost of energy.

It also includes 167% of the daily requirements of vitamin C. Antioxidants, including vitamin C, have been proven to encourage weight loss.

Another significant component is chromium, at 229% of the daily recommendation in each pill. We will further discuss this uncommon nutrient later on.

Other ingredients worthy of noting are kelp extract, cocoa bean extract, guarana seed extract, allspice fruit, cassia cinnamon bark, and ginger root.


Modere Sustain is the second supplement that comes with this package. Its primary purpose is to increase energy, lower cravings, and keep you fuller throughout the day. It is a 90 calorie pea-protein based shake that you drink between meals, not as a meal replacement. It comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavors.

One serving of Modere Sustain contains a single gram of fiber and ten grams of protein. It is low in saturated fat and free of added sugars. Like Burn, it is also high in chromium.

The product page also claims that Sustain will promote healthy skin and a strong immune system. With 50% of your daily vitamin A and 20% of your daily vitamin C, it can reliably provide a boost in your immune system’s strength. In addition, it contains 40% of your daily vitamin E and 300% of the daily suggested biotin, both of which promote healthy skin, hair, and nails.

When you consider the high doses of vitamins found in Sustain, it is safe to say that at least some of these claims are truthful.


The primary purpose of Modere Sync is to reduce nighttime cravings. Like Sustain, it also comes in the form of a shake and is not meant to be a meal replacement. You should drink it a few hours before you go to bed, preferably with dinner.

The main ingredient in Modere Sync is whole oat bran. This ingredient is dense in fiber and is the main component that ensures fullness throughout the night. One scoop of this powder has 50 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and 2 grams of protein.

It also contains fructooligosaccharides and organic inulin. Both of these components are prebiotic fibers that can promote healthy digestion.

How it Works

Unlike many weight loss programs, most of the claims guaranteed by Modere are somewhat realistic. It does not claim that the supplements alone are enough to yield results; you must also make lifestyle changes and adhere to the Mediterranean diet.

Additionally, it ensures a safe and reasonable loss of 1-2 pounds per week. As with any effective diet plan, results will take some time and effort.

There are large amounts of protein and fiber in the M3 supplements that increase energy and fight cravings, thus helping you stick to your diet. The products also contain high amounts of antioxidants, which promote weight loss and overall good health.

The product pages claim that select ingredients, such as berberine and fucoxanthin, are scientifically proven to burn fat and raise metabolism.

Unlike most fad diets, the M3 Body System does not end once you reach your goal weight. To ensure that the weight loss is not temporary, Modere strongly suggests that you continue the Mediterranean diet indefinitely — in addition to resuming the use of their Sync product, as well as a new antioxidant supplement, Vital.

The Modere M3 Body System reviews tend to be positive and suggest that this diet plan is quite effective. However, there is still some uncertainty regarding the effectiveness of certain claims, particularly the claims regarding ingredients found in the Modere supplements.

Studies on Active Ingredients

The Modere M3 Body System emphasizes the importance of its plant-based active ingredients. They claim that they are a natural, science-based way to lose weight. But how much science is truly behind these claims?


The Burn supplement capsules contain high doses of chromium, or chromium picolinate. The product page claims that this component can help maintain glucose levels in the blood, preventing cravings as a result. The product description also described it as a “fat-burning” ingredient.

According to the National Institute of Health, there is some evidence to suggest that chromium supplements can not only help with burning fat, but can even increase muscle gain. A study in 2019 showed that people taking 200 to 1000 mcg of chromium lost 1.6 pounds more than the subjects taking the placebo.

In addition, there is also some evidence that 1000 mcg of chromium can help lower cravings. However, this is more chromium than the recommended dosage of Burn contains.

It is also worth noting that chromium supplements can have adverse reactions with certain prescriptions, including medications used by people with diabetes such as insulin and metformin. Additionally, it can reduce the body’s ability to absorb levothyroxine, a prescription that treats hypothyroidism.

One capsule of Burn contains only 80 mcg of chromium. Still, the M3 Body System suggests taking it up to three times a day, which ends up being roughly 687% of the daily recommended amount of chromium.

This reaches the level shown to be effective in the National Institute of Health study. People who rely on the aforementioned medications should be sure to do plenty of research and talk to their doctor before using this supplement.

Cordyceps Mycelium

Cordyceps Mycelium is a mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine. Its main use is to promote heart health and treat various disorders, but its impact on weight loss is uncertain.

There has been minimal research to suggest that cordyceps mycelium can promote weight loss. A study involving mice noted an increase in weight loss and insulin sensitivity, but studies on animals do not always translate directly to humans.

When using this ingredient for medicinal purposes, the recommended dose of cordyceps mycelium is between one and three grams per day. However, the exact amount in the M3 supplements is uncertain; so even if this mushroom does have any impact on weight loss, it is unlikely that there is enough of it in the M3 Body System to make any difference.


Berberine is a compound that comes from the Indian barberry plant. There is some evidence to suggest that it can help with a range of health benefits, one of them being weight loss.

A twelve week study showed that people who took 1500 mg of berberine per day lost an average of five pounds or 3.6% of their body fat. That is an even bigger difference compared to the study on chromium.

In addition, berberine can come with a wide range of additional health benefits. Similar studies have shown that berberine supplements can promote lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes; its effectiveness is similar to metformin, a widely used prescription used by people with diabetes.

It is worth noting that there need to be more studies on berberine before any of these claims can be proven, but there is nevertheless a positive outlook on its effectiveness. However, as with the last two ingredients, the amount of berberine in the M3 Body System is unclear. It’s not certain whether or not it will be effective in promoting any of these benefits.

Seaweed Extract

Seaweed extract, or more specifically fucoxanthin, is another item found on Burn’s ingredient list. The description on the Modere product page claims that this ingredient can promote fat oxidation.

There have been studies to support the truth in this statement. A sixteen-week study performed in 2009 showed a significant decrease in the body weight of the involved participants who took 2.4 mg of fucoxanthin daily.

However, this was only one study, and it was a notably small one at that, with only 151 female participants. More research is necessary to determine whether or not this ingredient has any significant impact, and if so, how much a person needs to consume for it to be effective.

Caffeine Sources

The Modere M3 Body System contains high amounts of caffeine, which is a widely accepted way to boost energy throughout the day.

Coffee beans and green tea leaves are the primary sources of caffeine in all three M3 products. In addition to providing energy, green tea is also a good source of antioxidants and can promote weight loss.

Olive Fruit

The product page lists olive fruit extract as a key source of nutritional value in the Burn supplement. Olives are also considered a staple of the Mediterranean diet. They are high in antioxidants and Vitamin E, helping give this capsule a huge boost in its nutritional value.

Ginger Root

Ginger root is an active ingredient in the Burn capsules. It is a natural antioxidant that can help stimulate digestion and lower appetite throughout the day.

Further study is necessary to determine whether or not ginger is genuinely effective in aiding weight loss, and if so, how much someone would need to consume to reap those benefits. Studies on ginger root’s impact on weight loss are small and sparse.

However, the data is somewhat in its favor. A study from 2015 suggested that women who took ginger capsules had a decreased appetite compared to the women who received the placebo.

Pea Protein

Pea protein is a common, high-protein replacement for animal products. It is also an active ingredient in Sustain and Sync. Regardless of the source, a steady intake of protein is essential for people working to lose weight.

Many dieters and experts alike have noticed that pea protein is particularly effective in preventing sweet cravings. There is also evidence to suggest that the amino acids found in pea protein can help increase muscle mass and burn fat. However, there needs to be more research to say this with any certainty.

Oat Bran

The primary source of fiber in the Modere M3 Body System comes from oat bran. This ingredient contains a range of health benefits, from aiding digestion to strengthening immune health.

There are plenty of studies to suggest the effectiveness of oat bran in weight loss; however, most of these studies apply to people who eat cooked oat bran as a meal rather than an ingredient in the small M3 supplements. Therefore, its effectiveness in the Modere M3 Body System is inconclusive.


After reviewing the Modere M3 Body System it looks like M3 can assist in weight loss. Many people who have done this weight loss program have shown significant results, and the reviews on the official product page tend to skew towards positive.

Nevertheless, most, if not all of these positive results, are likely due to the lifestyle changes that the Modere M3 Body System requires. Restricting high-carb and high-fat foods from one’s diet, increasing water intake, and including more physical activity (in this case, 7500 steps daily) are enough on their own to cause weight loss in most individuals.

It is possible that the use of these supplements may help encourage dieters to stick to these lifestyle changes. The whole system can cost up to a few hundred dollars, and people are more likely to stick to their diet plans after making such a significant investment.

For some of the ingredients, such as fucoxanthin and berberine, there is some scientific evidence in favor of their effectiveness in weight loss. However, the actual amount of said ingredients is uncertain and more than likely too low to have any meaningful impact.

If someone wanted to gain the benefits suggested in these studies, it would be better to simply buy supplements of those specific ingredients. That way, you can be sure that you are getting the dose required to experience these effects.

Other ingredients, such as cordyceps mycelium, have very little science to back up their effectiveness. The high additions of chromium in Burn can even have specific health risks in certain individuals.

It is a well-known fact that fiber, caffeine, and protein effectively promote energy and satisfy cravings. Still, the doses of fiber and protein in the Modere M3 Body System are not at all significant.

The three grams of fiber found in Sync, which fights off overnight cravings, is no more than 8% of the daily recommended intake. An apple would have the same number of calories and twice the amount of fiber.

In addition, sticking to the Mediterranean diet already promotes a high consumption of protein and fiber, so these boosts might not even be necessary.