The Mediterranean diet and lifestyle have been proven to help people lose more weight and keep it off, but following it isn’t always easy. That’s where the Modere M3 weight loss program comes in.

The Modere M3 weight loss system uses a set of three Modere products that work in concert to replicate the results of the Mediterranean diet, letting you shed pounds safely.

Burn is a thermogenic product that increases your metabolism and energy, helping you burn fat and calories. Sustain is a delicious, filling shake made with pea protein. The third product, Sync, packs three kinds of fiber – soluble, insoluble and prebiotic – in a pre-meal chocolate shake.

Together these three are helping real people get real weight-loss results.

How Does M3 Work? 

Modere’s M3 weight loss program works through natural ingredients including Vitamin C, chromium, Modere’s ThermoBlend formula, whole oat bran, and pea protein. Here’s how these powerful ingredients help you lose weight through Burn, Sustain, and Sync.


Burn’s metabolism-boosting comes through vitamin C, chromium, and Modere’s ThermoBlend formulation, which includes coffee bean extract, guarana seed extract, chocamine, green tea leaf extract, and green coffee bean extract.

Dieters who have a vitamin C deficiency have difficulty losing weight. Since high doses of vitamin C can result in gastric side effects, it’s best to start with low doses. Research in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences holds that vitamin C promotes heart health, and a study published in Nutrients found that vitamin C promotes skin health.

Chromium is a break-through weight loss ingredient, Modere claims, and its ThermoBlend will increase your energy and metabolism with naturally occurring caffeine. BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine holds that green coffee bean extract can increase weight loss by decreasing appetite.


Modere’s Sustain shake will keep you satisfied. Powered with pea protein, Sustain can be the foundation of flavored shakes and smoothies with the addition of fruits or chocolate. Modere so many delicious Sustain recipes that you’ll never get bored drinking Sustain.


The third part of M3, Sync, is a fiber-filled shake that promotes digestion and regularity and keeps you satisfied. The fiber of whole oat bran and peas purify the digestive tract, and cocoa bean powder and natural fruit-based sweeteners provide a decadent chocolate flavor.

Studies on M3 and the Mediterranean Diet 

Together, Modere’s Burn, Sustain, and Sync work to reduce calorie intake and burn fat, resulting in weight loss and optimal health. Based on the best of the Mediterranean diet, M3 brings steady weight loss.

The Mediterranean diet has been found to increase weight loss, with a 2008 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showing its followers lost an average of 9.7 pounds. Those who followed a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet not based on the Mediterranean diet lost an average of 6.3 pounds.

Harvard University’s review of the Mediterranean diet shows benefits to the cardiovascular system as well as weight loss.

Using M3 while enjoying the healthy fats, lean protein, and plentiful vegetables of the Mediterranean diet as a lifestyle change should bring lasting weight loss results. Adding more movement, such as walking, to your day will boost your health, too.

Real People Get Results with M3 

Scientific studies show the power of the Mediterranean diet and its effects on weight loss and health. Real Modere M3 customers say they’ve achieved amazing results.

“I’ve tried many weight-loss products, and nothing works like the M3 system,” said Toni Garmong. “It has changed my life.”

“What an incredible product,” said Stephanie Taylor. “I lost 20 pounds and have kept it off for a year now. There’s nothing else like it.”

Linda Foster said, “This is the best weight-loss system I have ever done in my life. Thank you, Modere! Super simple and tastes wonderful!”

“I love how easy and accommodating this system is,” said Shannon Gannoe.

The number of satisfied M3 customers who have lost pounds and inches the healthy way with Modere M3 is growing. The flexibility and flavor of M3 and the results M3 customers achieve keep interest in Modere’s products on the rise.

The Bottom Line 

Losing weight can be difficult. Every year, an estimated 45 million Americans go on diets, but the nation’s obesity rate continues to rise. Modere’s M3 program can change that.

Customers have found real results with M3, losing weight and keeping it off by making Modere part of their lifestyle along with a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Enjoying fresh vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet, and adding more movement to your day will bring results over time.

To give your weight loss efforts a helping hand, Modere’s M3 products, Burn, Sustain, and Sync, work in synergy to burn fat, add energy and keep you satisfied when temptations arise.