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Our bodies produce coenzyme Q10 naturally, but production slows with age. Formulated with Cardiol® proprietary blend, Modere CoQ10 delivers bioavailable CoQ10 to support cellular energy.*


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Coenzyme Q10 plays an important role in your health. Major organs like the kidneys, liver and heart utilize CoQ10 to generate energy. Unfortunately, your body’s production of this nutrient begins to decline as you age. Enter Modere CoQ10.

Featuring Cardiol® proprietary blend, this concentrated formula delivers ubiquinol, a pure, bioavailable source of CoQ10, along with D-limonene from orange peel oil and alpha lipoic acid. Together in Modere CoQ10, these ingredients work to optimize the health benefits of this essential coenzyme, so you feel healthy and energized.*

Helps maintain youthful vitality and cellular energy*
Cardiol blend contains ubiquinol, a pure, advanced & bioavailable source of CoQ10
Assists in energy production, cellular growth and maintenance*

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