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The Modere® glass water bottle is the ideal way to drink water or take your favorite Modere supplements. The soft neoprene sleeve protects against bumps while also keeping your drinks colder. Grab yours today.

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Whether you’re at the gym, in the office or on the road, the Modere® glass water bottle is perfect for drinking water or taking your favorite Modere supplements. The soft neoprene sleeve protects the bottle from mishaps, keeps your drinks colder longer and features a convenient grab handle. Plus, the classic straight-walled design holds a generous 30 fl. oz., making it a handy way to get your water and stay hydrated.

BPA-free glass bottle*
Classic straight-walled design with easy-twist cap
Soft neoprene sleeve protects from bumps
Sleeve insulates glass and keeps liquids colder longer
Convenient grab handle
Bottle is dishwasher safe (please hand wash the cap)
Holds 30 fl. oz.
*All glass is BPA-free.

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