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Turbocharge your water with the health benefits of hydrogen, the power of super hydration and great taste. Optimize makes it simple. Just one tablet fizzes into action to support cellular energy, antioxidant capacity and overall health.*


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Water is essential to your body in so many ways, from promoting cognitive and physical performance to supporting digestion and nutrient absorption. Simply put, it’s necessary for life. But if you Optimize your water, it can do even more.

Just one tablet fizzes into action to create molecular hydrogen. A major component of all living matter, hydrogen does a lot more than you might realize. When added to water, it’s one of the best ways to super hydrate, support antioxidant capacity, increase cellular energy and promote overall health. Plus, our advanced formula provides magnesium and methylfolate, the most bioavailable form of folate, which is vital for cardiovascular and nervous system support.*

It isn’t always easy to drink enough water, get vital nutrients and enjoy the taste. Optimize makes it simple.


Enhances cellular energy*
Promotes antioxidant capacity*
Encourages better hydration for better health*
Aids nervous system*
Provides cardiovascular support*

Superior source of essential folate
Good source of essential magnesium
Convenient, use-anywhere tablets
Refreshing berry flavor
Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, keto-friendly

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