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Staying active is vital for your health, but it can also put stress on your body, leaving you stiff and sore. Modere Recover gives you the support you need after exercise to reduce muscle soreness, recover faster and build more lean muscle.*

Recover features a scientifically formulated blend of minerals and phytonutrients, including astaxanthin, l-glutamine, sour cherry, Indian frankincense, coconut water and essential electrolytes, so you can stay hydrated, fight muscle cramping and feel ready for the rest of your day.*

Use Recover to reduce muscle soreness and support lean muscle formation, making it easier to be consistent and ensuring you get more from your workouts.*


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As crucial to your health as exercise is, it can also be hard on your body. When you start a new regimen or really push yourself it can leave you feeling stiff and sore, and that can make you skip a few days or even give up altogether. Modere Recover was developed to reduce next-day muscle soreness, speed your post workout recovery, promote lean muscle formation and boost hydration.*

Most post-workout formulas are geared for bodybuilders, relying on protein and BCAAs, but Modere has taken a progressive approach, developing Recover for busy people like you.

Recover is scientifically formulated with sour cherry, Indian frankincense and the powerhouse carotenoid astaxanthin, which have been shown to decrease muscle soreness, in addition to our scientifically-backed blend of minerals and phytonutrients including coconut water and essential electrolytes to help you rehydrate, fight muscle cramping and combat fatigue.*

The result? Instead of feeling wiped out after exercise, you feel invigorated and ready for the rest of the day. You’ll bounce back quicker, stay hydrated and reap greater benefits from your exercise.*

And to take your results to the next level, use Modere Rush before any physical activity. It gets you in the zone with clean energy, boosts athletic performance and protects your muscles during exercise. Order Rush and Recover now for a better workout and a better recovery.*

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