Modere Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement

Formulated with pea protein, our Vanilla Meal Replacement shake provides important nutrients you’ll find in a well-rounded meal. Plus, the natural vanilla flavor makes each serving a delicious treat.


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Formulated with pea protein, which can help delay hunger
Our vegetarian, gluten-free & dairy-free protein powder formula is great for special diets
6 grams of net carbs per serving
Excellent source of fiber
Easily blends with milk or water, or try adding almond milk and your favorite fruits & veggies for tasty meal replacement variations
Pea protein isolate provides a comprehensive blend of amino acids to support muscle synthesis & recovery after exercise
Delicious natural vanilla flavor
Vegetable protein & vitamin complex provides the needed nutrients for a well-rounded meal
Discover beauty from the inside out to feel revitalized, look your best and live clean.

Modere Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement
Modere Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement


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